Thursday, September 27, 2007

Peaceful March for Burma 28/9/2007




说真的,看到缅甸军人政府开始镇压、逮捕、伤人、杀人的消息,我很担心。我听过太多太多的故事,这些故事的主人曾经在我眼前看到,手触摸得到的距离,对我诉说发生在缅甸的事情 --



Peaceful March for Burma.

In protest aganist ongoing human rights crisis in Burma. Meet at Ampang Park (Putra) LRT Station 9.15am Tommorrow Friday.

Malaysians Speak Up.! Come join our Burmese friends in solidarity.

Show to ASEAN countries something MUST be done ASAP

让我们的ASEAN知道,我们人民要看到改变,不要只会堂皇的在会议说些混账话,什么 ASEAN Human Rights Council,什么 ASEAN Charter。如果真的要有说改变,ASEAN请拿出你的诚意吧!

Wear RED for Burma this Friday

On 28th September 2007, the Burmese democracy activists are asking the international community to wear a RED shirt or top, in solidarity with those currently engulfed in the fight of their lives in Burma against the most despicable regime, which our government had supported since 1997 when it allowed Burma to join ASEAN.

This simple act of solidarity will further inflame the hopes and strength of those who have struggled and resisted peaceably for 20 years now.

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