Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are you nuts? How can you detain a six years old child

Being a Malaysian is never easy.

Especially if you wish to be a Malaysian who perceived to be someone loyal to the country, only talk good things and praise the government of the country. When we are in overseas, we can stand tall with the cheek high up and tell people "I love my country! I am so proud to be a Malaysian!"

A six years old child was arrested when a group of them attempted to submit a letter at the Prime Minister Department's office at Putrajaya today.

P Vwaishhnnavi is the daughter of Hindraf chairperson P Waythamoorthy who is currently in self-imposed exile in London. Her mother K Shanti was also among those arrested.

Are you nuts? How can you detain a six years old child who her only hoped was to submit a letter to our beloved Prime Minister? How can a six years old child be a threat to our so call national security?

Please lah! Malaysian is a signatory country to the UN treaty the Child Rights Convention(CRC). This country is also a member in UN Human Rights Council who is among the least to get a three years term in this council. Don't you feel shameful to be one? Don't we feel shameful to be a Malaysian?

How can we then go to other country and tell people our country is doing good in every aspect and we love our country?

Therefore please do not condemn an activist / social worker like me and others who always sit in the international meeting and discuss all sort of issues that happened in Malaysia, and label us as "betrayer!" " Foreign agent!" "You damage the country image!"

If you do send some special agent and spy me and later tell me to shut up. I suppose you can go to hxxx.

Now Kuala Lumpur police chief Muhammad Sabtu Osman confirmed the arrest of eight men and three women during the incident. He clarified that Vwaishhnnavi has not been arrested and is in her mother’s care.

Alright. In her mother's care ... WHERE? her mother was among the 11 who arrested.

In her mother's care in the police station? police lock-up as her mother is there?

What's wrong with you people?!! %$&#$#^

Besides calling you nuts and idiot .. whatelse to call you people?

Why am i so angry? I should not be ...

Why? Because I know very well to detain a child is not new in police station and of course our detention camp.

Look at the refugee and those undocument immigrant who has been or still in the immigration detention camp ...

I dare you. Malaysian government! Police! Immigration! You tell the Malaysian citizen / United Nation Human Rights Council, how many babies, children are in detention camp.

Malaysian -- Signatory country for the UN Child Rights Convention(CRC), your feet!!!!!

Shame of you, Malaysia!

Shame of you, PDRM!




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