Friday, August 29, 2008

用另一个方式庆祝国庆日"Sexuality Merdeka" Activities

朋友们,你们想用另一种方式来庆祝国庆日吗(虽然国庆日,说真的没有什么好庆祝的),请大家一同出席从8月29日到31日假Annex Gallery,Central Market主办的"Sexuality Merdeka"活动。

The Annexe Gallery’s inaugural three-day series of forums, workshops, storytelling sessions and film screenings devoted to the theme of sexuality rights in Malaysia .

Seksualiti Merdeka will take place on 29, 30 & 31 August in conjunction with our Merdeka celebrations to address the fact that 51 years after independence, not all Malaysians are free to be who they are. Many of us are proud productive citizens of the country, yet we live double lives, pretending to be somebody we are not; fearful we may lose our jobs, our families, our lives, the moment someone finds out who we truly love. It is time to ask, why this has to be. Cause, as the song says, if one of us ain’t free, none of us are free.

Seksualiti Merdeka will be held in conjunction with ART FOR GRABS, the popular Annexe art bazaar, as well as INVENTING MALAYSIA, an exhibition, series of lectures and screenings of pre-Merdeka films shot in Malaya by foreigners, curated by Dr Farish A Noor and TheOtherMalaysia.




Seksualiti Merdeka Opening Event

8pm - 10.30pm: Film: “Comolot” by Mohd Ikram Ismail, “Pangyau” by Amir Muhammad and “Arisan” by Nia Dinata. (Gallery 1, 2nd Floor)


12pm - 2pm: Forum: To Live Without Fear – Dealing with violence against transsexuals (Gallery 4, 1st Floor)

3pm - 5pm: Forum: Probing Sexualities – Recent research into sexual diversity in Malaysia (Gallery 4, 1st Floor)

6pm - 7.30pm: Lecture: Psychology of Homophobia – Find out if you fit the profile (Gallery 4, 1st Floor)

8.30pm - 10.30pm: Storytelling: Heartbreakers Anonymous – Featuring Jit Murad, Dara (of Air-Con) and others (Gallery 1, 2nd Floor)


12pm - 2pm: Lecture: From Panji To The Present – A short history of sexuality in Malaysia and South East Asia by Dr Farish A Noor (Gallery 5, 1st Floor)

3pm - 5pm: Workshop: Tongues Out – Borak-borak on our sexuality landscapes (Gallery 4, 1st Floor)

6pm - 7pm: Malaysian Artists For Diversity with Ning Baizura, Ida Nerina and more. If you are a Malaysian artist(e) and would like to voice your support or dedicate a song to the community, please contact us! (Gallery 1, 2nd Floor)

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